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If you’ve recently purchased a Bearded Dragon from Petco and are now unsure if you can return it, you’re not alone. Many reptile owners and prospective reptile owners alike often have questions about returning their Bearded Dragon to Petco. Fortunately, Petco does accept returns on Bearded Dragons, provided that the animal is kept in its original enclosure and is returned within 14 days of the original purchase. However, before you make the decision to return your Bearded Dragon, it is important to consider all of the potential consequences. This article will explain why returning a Bearded Dragon to Petco may or may not be the best decision for you and your reptile.

The bearded dragon I intend to return closes his left eye a lot. He was scratching at it today, and I witnessed it. In addition to his eye, he eats well and is in good health. If petsmart can help me, they are better able to take care of him than I am, because I cannot afford a vet if necesary. As a result, it is often the death penalty to surrender a sick animal. I’ve rehabilitated animals for a long time, and it wasn’t much of a cost. It is critical to devote a significant amount of time to TLC.

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They are not doomed to become ill just because they begin to develop a disease. My opinion is that Petsmart does not provide enough information about PROPER care for beardies. Instead, they would stop selling the repti glo 10.0 and coil bulbs, resulting in a drop in sales. They are advised to take calcium 2x-weekly in their CARE SHEET (which the company publishes), despite the fact that they do not need it at all. There are numerous people who I greatly respect who realize they cannot properly care for animals and return them to the wild so they can find a better home. I know a person who had a dragon who never had proper temperatures, incorrect UVB, never fed it right, carrots, broccoli, or kale, and no calcium or vitamins to put it in.

PetSmart accepts returns of items for up to 60 days after purchase.

As difficult as this may be, it can even be more difficult when you realize that the pet store will not return it. Can you get a pet turtle from Petco? Unfortunately, this question will not be answered. There are, however, other options available to those who want to get rid of a turtle.

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Does Petco Have A Pet Return Policy?

Yes, Petco does have a pet return policy. Generally, you can return an animal to Petco within 30 days of purchase, as long as it is accompanied by an original receipt. However, this policy may vary depending on the individual store. If you are unsure of the specific return policy, it is best to contact your local Petco store to get further clarification. Additionally, Petco offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of its products, so if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund.

In the case of online and in-store purchases, consumers can now return the items in the original packaging within the original return period. The ability to return live pets within 14 days of purchase is an added bonus for those who purchase them. This new policy makes shopping with confidence easier, bringing added convenience and peace of mind. Customers can rest assured that they will be able to return any items that are not satisfactory if the standard return period is extended and a live pet return policy is in place. Customers will be able to shop with confidence and receive the same level of quality and service they received prior to the temporary suspension as long as this policy is followed. Customers may buy items without hesitation because they have the assurance that they will be able to return them within the specified period, giving them the peace of mind that they will be able to do so if they are dissatisfied.

Can You Return A Reptile To Petsmart?

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Yes, you can return a reptile to Petsmart. If the reptile is still alive, the store will be able to accept the return and provide store credit or an exchange. However, if the reptile has passed away, the store will be unable to accept the return and will not provide store credit or an exchange. It is important to keep the original receipt and bring it with you when you return the reptile. Additionally, in order to ensure the safety and health of all the other animals in the store, Petsmart requires that you bring the reptile in its original habitat, as well as any other materials you may have purchased with it.

What’s Petsmart’s Return Policy on Snakes? You may purchase something in the store but change your mind and have to return it. PetSmart has a 14-day guarantee on all small animals. You risk getting in serious trouble if you do not properly dispose of your pet. Small animals sold by PetSmart are subject to a 14-day return policy. As a result, getting rid of an unwanted pet can be difficult. Your snake is healthy, so you can’t just release it in the wild; however, if you don’t want it to go away, you can let it go.

If you cannot keep a snake, return it, or sell it, you may need to go to a shelter or animal control. If you contact your local shelter, they may be able to take in your snake, which is typically housed in mammals only. A snake is cool and enjoyable, but it is not suitable for everyone. Check to see if you can get a snake that is particularly friendly or a species you want to look into. Do snakes recognize their owners? Snakes’ scent and heat signature can be detected. PetSmart will match the price of the product you purchased if it is marked as being more expensive than the price at a comparable store.

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Can You Return A Snake?

If no behavior issues have arisen and you are unable to keep your pet, contact the pet store where you purchased it.

Don’t Keep Snakes As Pets: Respect Wild Creatures In Their Natural Habitats

Despite their ability to distinguish between humans, snakes, unlike other pets, do not form bonds with their owners. True, keeping snakes as pets is cruel, even if the connection isn’t strong. They belong in the natural environment, and any attempt to keep them in captivity will result in suffering for them. Snakes do not thrive in captivity and are not domesticated animals. The best way to see them is from a distance, and the best way to see them in the wild is in the wild.

Petco Return Policy Reptiles

Petco’s return policy for reptiles offers customers a 14-day return window after the purchase of a reptile. After 14 days, Petco’s standard return policy applies. However, the customer must present the receipt to return the reptile, and the reptile must be in the same condition as it was when purchased. Additionally, live feeder insects, crickets, frozen feeder items, and any other items purchased for the care of the reptile are not eligible for return. Petco also has a live arrival warranty that guarantees that a reptile purchased online will arrive alive at its destination. If the reptile arrives deceased, customers can contact Petco within 24 hours of the delivery to receive a full refund.

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Much Bearded Dragons Cost

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Bearded dragons are a popular pet among reptile enthusiasts, but how much do they cost? Bearded dragons typically range in price from $20 to $200, depending on the size and age of the dragon. Hatchlings can be purchased for around $20, while more mature dragons can cost up to $200. It is important to factor in the additional costs associated with owning a bearded dragon, such as food, bedding, and lighting, as these can add up quickly. Ultimately, the cost of owning a bearded dragon is dependent on the individual needs of the pet and the owner.

Healthy Dragons

Healthy dragons are an important part of any fantasy world. They thrive on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, and plenty of exercise. They require ample amounts of sleep in order to stay healthy and fit, and they also benefit from regular visits to the dragon doctor. Exercise is important for them to stay agile and active, as they often use their wings and claws to traverse long distances. Without proper nutrition and exercise, dragons can become weak and lethargic. Keeping dragons healthy is a challenging but rewarding task, and one that should be taken seriously.

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Can you house 2 female bearded dragons together? ›

Bearded dragons can have intense territorial streaks, particularly the males. Never keep a pair of two male bearded dragons in the same enclosure. A pair of two females might work, however. A male and a female together might work, too, but it's important to be aware of the likely possibility of reproduction.

Can two juvenile bearded dragons live together? ›

Bearded dragons need a fairly large enclosure to start with, and if you are keeping more than one in a tank then the larger the better so they can have some space to "call their own." We'd recommend at least a 125-gallon tank for housing more than one bearded dragon together.

Can bearded dragons live together? ›

More than one bearded dragon can be kept in an enclosure (if it is big enough and the animals get along) but only one adult male should be present, as adult males housed together often have territorial fights. Adult females housed together also may become aggressive.

How often should a bearded dragon eat? ›

Most young bearded dragons should eat once or twice daily, while older lizards may only eat every 24-72 hours, depending upon each pet's individual appetite.

Does bearded dragons like to be held? ›

Yes! While not effusive and certainly not as emotional as dogs, cats, and other mammals, bearded dragons are known to show signs of affection to their owners. For example, they will remain calm when handled or sit still on their owner's lap. Bearded dragons are not social creatures by nature.

Can female bearded dragons lay eggs without a male? ›

Yes, even a female bearded dragon that lives alone can lay eggs. This may be because it recently spent time with a male bearded dragon or simply because it is not uncommon for female bearded dragons, and other types of animals, to lay infertile eggs without ever having been with a male.

How big should a bearded dragon be at 2 years old? ›

Later, these reptiles can still grow another 1 to 2 inches during its entire second year of life. What is this? Once they're done growing, bearded dragons can be anywhere from 12 to 24 inches long when fully grown (this measurement includes the tail).

How long should a 2 year old bearded dragon be? ›

Healthy babies grow at a rate of 1 to 3″ per month. An adult will be fully grown at 12 months of age. Bearded Dragons should measure anywhere from 16 to 24 inches in length and weigh 380 to 510 grams. Most of their size comes from their tail.

Do bearded dragons have teeth? ›

Bearded dragons have acrodont dentition, which means their teeth are directly fused to their jaw bones. Acrodont teeth are triangular-shaped teeth and are laterally compressed in shape.

Do bearded dragon bites hurt? ›

Bearded Dragon Bites

Dragons rarely bite. When they do, it's rarely serious. A dragon bite may be painful because their teeth are sharp. If you are bitten, the site may swell and bleed.

Are bananas OK for bearded dragons? ›

Let's find out: Can bearded dragons eat bananas? The short answer: yes, they can, but only once or twice a month.

How often do you bathe a bearded dragon? ›

As a general rule, bath time three times a week should be sufficient to keep your dragon clean and hydrated. If your dragon absolutely hates baths, then once a week may be a reasonable goal. If your dragon can't get enough bath time, you may want to do it more frequently, maybe even once a day.

Should I hold my bearded dragon everyday? ›

Bearded dragons usually tolerate handling better than other lizards. Regular handling helps bearded dragons get used to people, so you should handle your beardie daily. Doing so also minimizes stress during regular care, such as bathing or tank cleaning. They are generally gentle and easy to hold.

What are bearded dragon scared of? ›

Loud noise, such as outside traffic, dogs, yelling, TV, music, or a crying baby. Vibrations and rumbling from loud noises can bother your dragon almost as much as the noise itself. A new pet (even a new dragon or reptile in another tank can upset your dragon).

Where should you not touch a bearded dragon? ›

Baby beardies are more skittish and can panic when they are picked up. Try to keep the baby calm and keep one finger under its chin while holding it. Never grab or hold a bearded dragon by its legs or tail.

What keeps a bearded dragon happy? ›

Reptiles are well-suited for basking in the sun, which provides them with warmth and UV light. Make sure that your bearded dragon's home has a heat bulb that gets warmer than 95 degrees Fahrenheit (and a nearby rock to lounge on). A heat bulb will keep your bearded dragon warm, but it won't supply much-needed UV light.

Can bearded dragons change gender? ›

This is attributed to a warming planet. The bearded dragon, the most popular reptile kept as a pet, has the capability to change sex via two different sets of genes, either via sex chromosomes or via hot temperature, according to a study in the PLOS One journal. Researchers Sarah L. Whiteley ,Clare E.

Why is my female bearded dragon digging? ›

Nesting. If you have a female bearded dragon, her digging might be her way of nesting. Females are usually sexually mature at around two to four years of age. However, some are ready to nest and lay eggs after becoming a year old.

What do bearded dragons like in their tank? ›

Every dragon needs a basking spot, and this spot should be between 95 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Other parts of the tank should be cooler so your dragon can regulate body temperature as needed. Nighttime temperatures. At night, the entire tank should range from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

What do bearded dragons do all day? ›

Bearded dragons, or “beardies,” are diurnal, which means that, like most of us, they are up during the day and asleep at night. They tend to be very docile and easy to handle, which makes them fun and personable pets. They are active, inquisitive and hardy and enjoy lounging with and/or on their people.

At what age is a bearded dragon fully grown? ›

They sprout from 8 or 9 inches up to 24 inches long. This is the time when the most rapid growth occurs. Your juvenile will probably be eating a lot during this stage! Adult dragons stop growing when they are 12 to 18 months old, although some dragons continue growing until they are 24 months old.

What is the longest living pet bearded dragon? ›

Bearded dragons in captivity have a life expectancy of around 10 years, although the oldest bearded dragon on record lived to 18 years.

How many bugs should a 2 month old bearded dragon eat? ›

Bearded Dragons should be fed three times per day and given as many insects as they will consume in 10 to 15 mins. After the feeding time is done it is best to remove as many remaining insects as possible. A typical juvenile can eat 20 to 50 insects each day.

How can you tell if a bearded dragon is male or female? ›

Use a flash-light (phone flash-lights work great) and shine through the base of the tail, above the vent on the tail's topside, and look at the underside. If it's a male, the two mentioned hemipenal bulges should be easily visible. If female, you will not see the two bulges, just the single centre bulge.

How many crickets should a bearded dragon eat? ›

What is this? Bearded dragon owners should offer full-grown adult bearded dragons roughly 10 crickets per day, or 20 crickets every other day. The crickets should be offered in one feeding session per day that lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

Do bearded dragons watch TV? ›

Also known as “Beardies” they are not particularly lazy pets. It's just that they are known to enjoy cuddling up with their owners while they watch TV. Yes, they're cuddly!

What kind of music do bearded dragons like? ›

Music – Classical Many reptile species, including bearded dragons, enjoy classical music without words. This could be due to the fact that most songs have an instrumental sound that appears to calm the reptile's nerves and relax its muscles.

Can bearded dragons see color? ›

Bearded dragons see more color than we do.

Bearded dragons can see a spectrum of color that humans can't imagine. This is because they have four distinct cones in their eyes, whereas humans have three.

Can a bearded dragon lick you? ›

A bearded dragon in a home environment, especially a new beardie, will lick you for much the same reason. Your pet wants to know if you are a friend or a threat, but as it gets used to you and its environment, they won't need to do this as much.

Do bearded dragons need sleep? ›

Bearded dragons are diurnal and sleep up to 12 hours daily. People often ask if bearded dragons are nocturnal or diurnal. These reptiles are diurnal, so they are active during the day and sleep at night, similar to humans. If you have a bearded pet dragon, it will be awake during the day and rest when you do.

Do bearded dragons like to sleep? ›

Most bearded dragons, however, need more sleep than you're probably used to. Typically bearded dragons sleep around 8-12 hours. Since bearded dragons are used to sleeping when it is dark, it's important to make sure their room or cage is as dark as possible during the hours when they are supposed to be sleeping.

Do bearded dragons get lonely? ›

Since bearded dragons are naturally solitary creatures, they do not get lonely if placed alone in a cage or left for some time away from their keeper. They much prefer having their food and heat to themselves rather than sharing it with another bearded dragon.

Do bearded dragons get angry? ›

Beardies show anger in a number of ways, including trying to escape their enclosures, twitchy tails, fluffing their beards, and even biting. Obviously, no one wants to be bitten by their pet, so realizing your bearded dragon is angry is the first step in determining how to fix the problem.

Can bearded dragon eat scrambled eggs? ›

Bearded dragons can safely eat scrambled eggs.

Adult bearded dragons should eat no more than half an egg at a time, max. If you're scrambling the egg, don't mix any additional ingredients with it.

Can bearded dragons eat cheese? ›

Because they are lactose intolerant, bearded dragons cannot digest cheese. Cheese is high in fat and cholesterol, which can cause digestive problems like bloating in bearded dragons, and it can even lead to death from a fatal digestive condition.

Can Beardies eat strawberries? ›

Can bearded dragons eat strawberries? Bearded dragons can eat strawberries, but only in moderation (as is the case with all fruits in their diet). On the bright side, strawberries—like apples—are considered one of the safer fruits for dragons, meaning you don't necessarily have to limit them to once a month.

Do Beardies like cold or warm baths? ›

Use lukewarm water that's between 85 and 100 F (29.4 and 37.7 C). Water that's too hot could burn your dragon, but because he is cold blooded and relies on his surroundings for warmth, a bath that's too cold could also cause your dragon's body to shut down.

Do I bathe my bearded dragon in warm or cold water? ›

Ideally, the water should be about 85 to 92 degrees. Use a thermometer to check. If it starts to cool too quickly, add more hot water.

Should I dry my bearded dragon after a bath? ›

You'll want to make sure you dry your bearded dragon RIGHT AWAY once out of the bath. Remember, they're used to really hot environments, so being wet AND outside their tank is like a double whammy for their little bodies.

What happens if you hold a bearded dragon too much? ›

Even the calmest bearded dragon will eventually become stressed out if you handle him for too long. What is this? In fact, it is important to understand that bearded dragons probably do not “like” being handled – they simply “tolerate” it.

Can you keep a breeding pair of bearded dragons together? ›

Keep in mind that keeping your bearded dragons together is temporary. You will need two separate habitats in the long term as well as a suitable habitat for the hatchlings when the time comes.

What size tank for 2 bearded dragons? ›

Best Size Tank for 2 Bearded Dragons

Although housing two bearded dragons is very risky (dragons can often be territorial and fight), if you absolutely must go this route then you should really combine two 75 gallon tanks or have something of similar size (at a minimum) built.

Can female bearded dragons change gender? ›

Pogona vitticeps dragons can produce females through genetic sex determination, where chromosomes determine sex, like humans do. But they can also go through temperature-dependent sex reversal, when a male embryos' chromosomes are overridden when incubated at high temperatures to produce a female.

What animals can live with a bearded dragon? ›

Reptiles do just fine solo and don't require others in the same tank to thrive. In general, reptiles are better off housed individually. Certain lizards (bearded dragons, anoles, geckos) and chelonians (turtles and tortoises) can live successfully together when set up properly in same-species tanks.

Can you make money breeding bearded dragons? ›

Be prepared to find out that breeders across the globe all say one thing the same: there is little, if any, money in breeding bearded dragons unless you have rare colour morphs. And the people who do make money from this are doing it on a massive scale, selling to pet shops.

How long after mating does a bearded dragon lay eggs? ›

Actual egg laying occurs 4 to 6 weeks after a successful mating. Gravid (carrying eggs) females will become very plump prior to laying.

At what age do bearded dragons mate? ›

For optimal breeding, the male should be at least 18 months old and the female should be at least 24 months old. They should both be at least 18 inches in length from snout to tail. The female should weigh at least 350 grams.

What is the lifespan of a bearded dragon? ›

Bearded dragons, or 'beardies', are one of the most popular lizards in captivity in the UK. Their lifespan is usually 10 to 15 years or more, so they're quite a commitment.

What size tank does a full grown bearded dragon need? ›

A juvenile bearded dragon should be housed in a 10 gallon glass aquarium tank. The tank size will have to increase as the beardie grows. Adults require a 20-50 gallon long glass aquarium tank. Because beardies love to climb, provide vertical space with lots of branches.

Can you put a male and female bearded dragon in the same cage? ›

Male and female bearded dragons can be kept together as long as there is only one male in the tank (to avoid the territorial battles mentioned above). However, a female bearded dragon should not be housed with a male bearded dragon until she is at least two years old.

How long can bearded dragons go without food? ›

How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Food? As desert dwelling reptiles, bearded dragons can go weeks without food, sometimes a few months. This allows them to survive in their native habitat when food sources are scarce.


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