Get perfect pictures on a cruise - Cruise Monkeys (2023)

When we’re cursing, we all love to get some good photos to share with those back home, they make great memories! In this post, we talk about how to get perfect pictures on a cruise from the experts.

Get perfect pictures on a cruise - Cruise Monkeys (1)

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Holidays are set to be in full swing this year, with 61% of people saying they will be travelling abroad this year. Nothing adds to the post holiday blues more than coming home and realising you didn’t manage to capture any great photographs. There are around 1,000 monthly searches for photography tips so it’s clear the nation is keen to find out how to capture photos you’ll admire for years. With that, travel experts have teamed up with expert photographer CJ Ware to reveal 8 photography tips that will ensure you capture perfect pictures on your next cruise holiday.

Cruises are notoriously difficult to photograph on due to the motion of the cruise ship and difficult lighting. Find out how you can capture perfect pictures on your next cruise with these foolproof tips.

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All pictures, no matter what high-tech devices we have, depend on lighting. Early morning or late evening, so sunrise or sunset, are the best opportunities to snap those perfect shots. told us “nothing quite tops that first sunset and sunrise you see on a cruise, being in the middle of the ocean poses the perfect backdrop for a holiday sunset picture so good you’ll want to frame!”

Expert photographer CJ Ware added “Keep an eye on the sunset and sunrise times for each location you are in. On a cruise ship you can get breathtaking shots of sunset and sunrise, you don’t want to miss it!”

This is one of the most important travel photography tips to bear in mind – move your feet! Instead of just going to the same favourite spot on the cruise ship, move around to multiple locations of the ship to make sure your collection of holiday snaps have some diversity to it.

The same applies when on excursions, instead of just turning up and taking some shots at the first picture opportunity, take a few minutes to get your bearings – walk around and see if there is a better frame or composition.

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Get perfect pictures on a cruise - Cruise Monkeys (2)

Before going on your cruise, it’s a good idea to do some research on the tourist destinations you’ll be visiting, spending a few hours planning out your shot list of images you want to photograph so you can come prepared. Look at what each of the places you’ll be visiting on your excursions have to offer – make use of google for inspiration of what to look out for to photograph. Doing this will help you nail the shots, and give you more purpose and direction.

It takes a lot to get that perfect shot – that’s why professional photographers take hundreds of images to get that perfect one. It’s a good idea to take too many photos that you can sift through once the post holiday blues kick in, rather than to get home and realise you didn’t get any good ones. If you’re using your phone, look for the ‘burst’ option which will take numerous photos within one photo. added “a cruise is all about capturing moments and memories, taking lots of photos at the same time will ensure you capture the full moment including candids that are sure to be more representative of the memory.”

Cruising offers the best opportunity to capture the perfect landscape shots. When pulling into a port make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to capture the full landscape of the destination – the type of shot you can only get on a cruise.

Get perfect pictures on a cruise - Cruise Monkeys (3)

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Take advantage of all vantage points of the ship, especially the highest deck. Make sure you get there in time for sunrise or sunset as this will give you the best place to capture the beautiful moment the sun rises from, or meets, the sea.

CJ adds, “cruising offers the opportunity to take unique photos that you aren’t able to get on land. Take full advantage of all of the decks and vantage points to get one of a kind photos with out of this world views.”

The lighting on a cruise ship will vary dramatically throughout the day, so in order to get perfect pictures it’s essential to get to grips with how the lighting affects your photos.

We all know that golden hours offer the best photography shots, giving us that dreamy golden glow. Your snaps can’t go wrong when taken during the sunset or sunrise so make sure you make the most of this.

You’ll certainly get lots of clear skies and sunny days during your cruise. CJ told us “if there’s one thing you bear in mind when taking photos on a cruise, it’s to not shoot directly in the sun”. If the sun is behind your subject, you’ll get a washed out image and capture a big shadow. When you’re shooting outdoors, make sure your back is always to the sun – never in front of your camera. If you’re taking a selfie, the sun should be shining on your face otherwise you’ll have a lot of unflattering shadows.

When nightime comes, it can be tempting to use a flash however this has the potential to ruin images and definitely won’t do your magical setting any justice. Instead, try to use the ambient lighting of the moon and soft deck lighting.

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Camera tripods can be great for when you’re on land but if you’re trying to capture a perfect shot on board, they may not work so well due to the slight movement of the ship. Taking a photo without blur on board a cruise is notoriously tricky.

Instead, invest in a selfie-stick that can securely attach to your phone. added “selfie-sticks are an absolute must when you’re on a cruise, especially if you’re a couple on your own as you’ll want both of you to be in the photos”.

If you don’t have a selfie-stick, the safest way to hold your phone to avoid camera shake (and dropping it) is to hold your device with both hands and use your thumbs to turn it around.

If you’re going on a cruise soon make sure you bear these top cruise photography tips in mind so you can capture the perfect shots. To be in with a chance of winning a £500 John Lewis voucher courtesy of and Norwegian Cruise Line, simply fill out the form. If you’ve recently come back from a trip and managed to capture some Insta worthy snaps, make sure to share them on social media with the hashtag ‘#lightscameracruise’ for an extra entry!

Get perfect pictures on a cruise - Cruise Monkeys (4)

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How do you take good pictures on a cruise ship? ›

Know your camera.
  1. Tell a story. Remember to consider that this is your cruise. ...
  2. Don't let space confine you. ...
  3. Pick the time to shoot. ...
  4. Think like an artiste. ...
  5. Prove to people you're on a cruise ship. ...
  6. Realize it takes a lot. ...
  7. Steady does it. ...
  8. Get creative with your gear.

What are the names of the cruise monkeys? ›

Cruise Monkeys - Luke & Gavin (@CruiseMonkeys) / Twitter.

Where are the cruise monkeys from? ›

Living in the port town of Milford Haven there must be something that draws us to ship life. We've now completed around around 40 cruises, having sailed with Avalon Waterways, Celebrity Cruises, Cunard Line, MSC Cruises, P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

Can you hire a photographer on a cruise ship? ›

Yes. Each Royal Caribbean cruise ship has many professional photographers onboard that are ready to make your cruise memories last a lifetime. From embarkation and gangway photos at ports of call to formal portaits, our photographers are ready to capture moments that you will treasure forever.

Where is the best place to take pictures on a cruise? ›

From the Aft of the Ship

Don't forget to turn around and look up (or down) as you'll get a unique angle for your photo. When you're on the pier, along with a photo of your ship's profile, another cool shot is the back of your ship.

How do you take beautiful travel pictures? ›

General Travel Photography Tips for Beginners
  1. 1) Know Your Camera.
  2. 2) Focus on the Golden and Blue Hours.
  3. 3) Plan Your Shots.
  4. 4) Learn About Composition.
  5. 5) Framing, Framing and More Framing.
  6. 6) Move Your Feet.
  7. 7) Ask People for Permission.
  8. 8) Use a Tripod.
Jan 10, 2023

What are the 3 monkeys nickname? ›

Considering 3 wise monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) as a symbol of protection, they are also kept in homes, shops, offices etc. In Japan these monkeys are known as mizaru, kikazaru and iwazaru and in India Gandhi's three monkeys are known by these names 'see no evil', 'hear no evil' and 'say no evil'.

What should I name my monkey? ›

Sassy Monkey Names
  • Beans.
  • Bonkers.
  • Boss.
  • Bubbles.
  • Chuckles.
  • Gonzo.
  • Goofy.
  • Loco.
Oct 3, 2021

How many monkeys are there in India? ›

Of the 22 primate species inhabiting India, a few—Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) and Gray langur (Semnopithecus entellus)—have adapted to human-dominated landscapes exceptionally well. They have established themselves so successfully in urban areas that ecologists refer to them as “commensal” primates.

Are Ben and David a couple? ›

Ben is a trained camera operator and broadcast editor and has worked for the BBC and Discovery Channel. David is head of design at a company located in London. It's great to be using the skills we studied in University again! We live just north of Cambridge and have been married for over 5 years.

How did monkeys get to the Caribbean? ›

Likely first brought to the islands from West Africa as exotic pets by European settlers in the 17th century, today the monkeys are putting pressure on native species, decimating crops and consistently evading efforts to scare them off.

What are the countries in the Caribbean that have monkeys? ›

So are monkeys prevalent in the Caribbean? Well, unfortunately they are not. In fact there are only four islands where Caribbean monkeys roam wild and free – St Kitts, Nevis, Saint Martin, and Barbados – once home to notorious pirates, now home to a new breed of outlaw.

Do cruise ship workers hook up? ›

Cruise lines have strict policies against fraternization among employees, so romantic or sexual relationships between coworkers are generally discouraged and cruise ship hookup.

How much does a maid get paid on a cruise ship? ›

Average Royal Caribbean group Housekeeper hourly pay in the United States is approximately $14.45, which is 12% above the national average.

Do cruise ship workers pay for anything? ›

Members can expect to work 10-12-hour days, and up to seven days a week. However, your room and board are completely covered. Plus, sailing costs and (once the contract is completed) round-trip airfare are covered by the cruise line. This allows crew members to increase their savings while working.

What is the best view on a cruise? ›

Port or starboard staterooms

If you're going down a scenic coastline in one direction, know which side of the ship will face it. That way, you'll know whether to choose a port room, which is on the left side of the ship, or a starboard room, which is on the right side of the ship, to get the best views.

What part of the ship is best on a cruise? ›

starboard side of the ship is best to stay on. Your decision will depend on a variety of factors, from your stateroom type to your cruise itinerary. Here are helpful tips for choosing which side of the ship will suit you best.

Where is the safest room on a cruise ship? ›

If seasickness is a worry of yours, the best way to avoid that is getting a room in the center of the ship. As cruise ships tend to bob on waves and slightly roll from side to side, the heart of the ship is its only part that stays virtually in the same place.

How do you take the most realistic pictures? ›

Proper Depth-of-Field
  1. Put on your longest lens.
  2. Set the camera to aperture priority.
  3. Set the aperture as low as it will go.
  4. Step as close to the subject as you can while still allowing the lens to focus.
  5. Place the subject far away from anything in the background.
  6. Put the focus point on the subject.
  7. Take the picture.

Is iPhone camera good enough for travel? ›

Your iPhone can easily be the best travel camera, as long as you take some basic steps to prepare for your trip and follow these guidelines when you're at your destination. With a little knowledge and imagination, you can take stunning and unique travel photos with your iPhone.

What is rule of third in photography? ›

What is the rule of thirds? The rule of thirds is a composition guideline that places your subject in the left or right third of an image, leaving the other two thirds more open. While there are other forms of composition, the rule of thirds generally leads to compelling and well-composed shots.

What does 🙈 🙉 🙊 mean? ›

The see–no-evil monkey emoji depicts the face of a monkey covered with the monkey's hands. Most versions show the monkey's mouth in a slight smile, which almost hints at a “hide or seek” game, and it's used in a wide variety of contexts such as, “Did I really say that?” to “I won't tell a soul.”

What is a female monkey call? ›

There is no specific name for a female monkey in English because monkeys are simply called female and male.

What do the three monkeys symbolize? ›

The “three wise monkeys,” (三猿) also known as the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” monkeys, date back to the Muromachi period of Japan. Popularized by the carvings over the Tosho-gu shrine in Nikko, Japan, these monkeys are a popular motif and are frequently depicted around the world.

What is the cutest type of monkey? ›

Geladas are one of the most beautiful monkey species that are also diurnal, meaning they are active during the day. They are highly social animals, living in groups called one-male units (OMUs). These OMUs are led by females and typically consist of a single male and multiple females with their young.

What is the name of the smartest monkey? ›

Capuchin IQ

Capuchins are the most intelligent New World monkeys – perhaps as intelligent as chimpanzees. They are noted for their ability to fashion and use tools.

How many monkeys are in the US? ›

There are a few wild monkeys in Mexico, but in the US and Canada? None. And when you think about it, that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, because there are monkeys thriving in vastly different environments all over the world.

What country has the most monkeys? ›

In truth, just four nations—Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)—harbor 65 percent of all primate species.

Why are monkeys sacred in India? ›

THE LEGEND of the sacred monkey traces back more than 20 centuries to an old Hindu epic of Hanuman, the god of monkeys. In a battle of good versus evil, Hanuman leaps from the coast of India to rescue his king's abducted queen from the island of Lankah (present-day Sri Lanka).

Why does Ben call her David? ›

When Ben and Devi were competing, Ben began calling Devi 'David' just to tease her. Since Never Have I Ever began its first episode, the name David has been part of their relationship even till the third season.

Who is Ben dating in real life? ›

After years of friendship, Ben Platt and Noah Galvin's relationship turned romantic as they spent time together in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Ben and I are dating,” the Good Doctor actor first revealed during a May 2020 appearance on Ilana Levine's “Little Known Things” podcast.

What island has the most monkeys? ›

Morgan Island is one of the Sea Islands, located in Beaufort County, South Carolina, just north of Beaufort. It is also known as Monkey Island due to its colony of free-ranging rhesus monkeys, established in 1979.

Does Jamaica have monkeys? ›

A number of different primates species are known from the islands scattered across the Caribbean Sea - two from Hispaniola, two from Cuba and one from Jamaica.

Are there monkeys in Florida? ›

Rhesus macaques are the most widespread monkey species in Florida. They inhabit all corners of the state, from the Everglades to the Florida Keys. They typically live in wooded areas near water sources. Rhesus macaques have distinctive reddish-brown fur and long tails.

Are there feral monkeys in us? ›

Feral colonies

Rhesus macaques have also been introduced to other areas, such as the United States, and become feral. Around the spring of 1938, a colony of rhesus macaques was released in and around Silver Springs in Florida by a tour boat operator known locally as "Colonel Tooey" to enhance his "Jungle Cruise".

What island has monkeys on the beach? ›

The famous Monkey Beach, Thailand | Thailand Must Visit

One of the most interesting places to visit on Phi Phi Island has to be Monkey Beach Thailand. You may also hear Monkey Beach referred to as its traditional Thai name which is Yong Gasem Bay or Ao Ling.

What island has only monkeys? ›

Located in the St. Helena Sound off the coast of Beaufort, SC not far from the beaches of Charleston, Morgan Island is a scientific oddity that has stirred up many local legends and controversy over the years. The monkeys are rhesus monkeys, or rhesus macaque, native to Asia where they are found in great abundance.

What is the hardest job on a cruise ship? ›

Among many difficult jobs on cruise ships, handpicking the toughest one is tricky. Still, one job will stand out in terms of horrific working conditions and cruel working hours-the galley steward.

Can you buy condoms on a cruise ship? ›

Of the cruise lines surveyed six – Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, MCS Cruises, Holland America, Disney and Crystal Cruises – stocked condoms. Only three cruise lines offered the morning after pill – MSC, P&O Cruises International and Princess Cruises.

How much do captains make on a cruise ship? ›

How much does a cruise ship captain make? While there's no explicit salary data for a cruise ship captain, the average annual salary for a captain is $92,125 per year . These salaries can vary for several reasons, such as a captain's work experience, their certifications, licensure, employer and other accreditations.

Do cruise ship employees get free food? ›

Do cruise ship employees get free food? A majority of cruise ship lines offer their employees free food throughout the duration of their contracts. There's typically a special kitchen on the boat that prepares food for staff members. Employees may eat in separate dining areas, depending on their classifications.

Do cruise ship workers get days off? ›

There are no days off

On ships, weekends and holidays don't exist. You work every day of your entire contract and just have hours off between shifts each day. On land, you can go hard on a Friday night and have a couple of days to recover. On ships, you still have to get up and go to work the next day.

How much does a bedroom steward on a cruise ship get paid? ›

Average Carnival Cruise Line Steward monthly pay in the United States is approximately $2,000, which meets the national average.

Do cruise workers get their tips? ›

Bartenders, main show entertainers and third-party shop employees are some of the more obvious ones, but they're not the only ones. Most cruise ship employees that do not receive gratuities receive a salary instead. For example, a cruise ship captain won't receive tips, but they will receive a healthy salary.

Can married couples work on cruise ships together? ›

There are many examples on different cruise ships where a husband-wife team or common-law partners work onboard together covering the same cruise job. Some of the most popular options are the Art Auctioneer, Port Shopping Guide, Guest Lecturer or Cruise Sales Manager.

How many hours do cruise ship employees work? ›

Working up to 14 hours a day, seven days a week, is the rule rather than the exception. This is all the more true the lower the position of the respective employee in the labor hierarchy on board. In 2019, there were 554,000 jobs in the industry, according to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

Can you use your phone to take pictures on a cruise ship? ›

Yes, but we recommend waiting until you're in port and finding a place with free Wi-Fi. Onboard Internet plans are available for purchase but can be pricey, often charging you by the amount of data you use. Photo and video uploads can quickly eat up your allotted data.

Is it better to be in the front or back of the ship on a cruise? ›

The back of the ship tends to be considered the next best cabin position after midships. Whilst the front of the ship gets the most movement the back also does get some. Whilst it's nowhere near as bad as the front of the ship, you may still notice some movement in rough seas.

What is better forward or back on a cruise ship? ›

The forward is subject to the most movement out of anywhere on a ship. And the higher the deck, the more pronounced that rolling and swaying motion tends to feel. Movement at the aft is a bit less drastic than the forward, but still isn't the most stable place for those who are prone to seasickness.

What is an appropriate outfit to take in a cruise ship? ›

Keep shorts, jeans and pants to a minimum and devote space to fresh shirts, tank tops, polos and what not. On nearly every mainstream cruise line, you can forgo a suit or tuxedo. If you'd like to spiff things up, consider a sport coat, but it's generally not required.

Will I get charged for using my phone on a cruise ship? ›

It's a common question with varying answers. Guests are free to utilize their cellular data or connect to our onboard Wi-Fi on any ship. But, please be aware that cellular data used on the ship or in certain ports of call will result in charges from your cell phone provider.

Do cell phones work on a cruise ship? ›

Yes, cell phones work on cruise ships. Travelers can connect to the Wi-Fi facilities available onboard or use their cellular data on cruise ships. Therefore, you can make calls and texts from cruise ships. You can also make video calls from a cruise ship.

What floor is best on cruise ship? ›

You want to be as close to the pivot point as possible to feel the least movement. Avoid cabins near the front (bow) or back (stern) and on decks higher than the middle deck of the ship. So, on a ship with fourteen passenger decks, your best options are below deck seven.

What deck level is best on a cruise ship? ›

On the typical ship, the top deck of cabins is directly below the pool and activity decks, which can be noisy during the day and even into the night (yes, the noise sometimes will waft through your ceiling). The cabin deck just below that top deck of cabins can be a good choice.

Where is the noisiest part of a cruise ship? ›

Cruise cabins near the elevator or stair access points are some of the noisiest staterooms at sea and their location will lead to a lot of noise during most parts of the night and therefore, should be avoided.

Which end of a cruise ship is the best? ›

starboard side of the ship is best to stay on. Your decision will depend on a variety of factors, from your stateroom type to your cruise itinerary. Here are helpful tips for choosing which side of the ship will suit you best.

What part of cruise ship has best views? ›

Port or starboard staterooms

If you're going down a scenic coastline in one direction, know which side of the ship will face it. That way, you'll know whether to choose a port room, which is on the left side of the ship, or a starboard room, which is on the right side of the ship, to get the best views.

Which cabin on a cruise ship is best to avoid seasickness? ›

To reduce motion sickness, choose a stateroom in the middle of the ship on a lower deck. You will feel any sway of the ship less in this section. Although it may seem counterintuitive, if you're worried about seasickness on a cruise, book a stateroom with a window or a veranda.

Can you wear jeans to dinner on a cruise? ›

On formal nights, proper attire includes tuxedos, suits or slacks (jackets required) for men and evening gowns, cocktail dresses or dressy pantsuits for women. Jeans are welcome in all dining venues during the day, but they're not appropriate in any public venues for dinner or cocktail hour.

How many outfits a day for a cruise? ›

Pack one outfit for every day, or plan to do laundry on your cruise ship. I like to look for ways to reuse pieces to save space. For example, I'll dress up a top with a skirt or dress pants for dinner, then wear the same shirt with jeans in port the following day.

How much clothes do I need for a 7 day cruise? ›

Bottom Line: As a rough guide, for a 7-night cruise you will need to bring enough clothing for at least 4 formal or semi-formal nights, a couple of casual evenings, pool and loungewear, and practical clothing for excursions on dry land.


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